Where Can I Find Confidential Advice For My Work Injury Claim?

Confidential advice for your work injury claim is something you would expect from any accident helpline you speak to, and so you should. If you cannot trust them to keep your confidences, what else can you trust them to do?

The problem is that when you are speaking to people for the first time, you only have their word for it that everything will be confidential. Until you have built a relationship with them and have began to trust them how do you know they will keep it that way?

One way is to look at the experience of other past claimants and see what they have to say. You will always find testimonials on most websites, and there will no doubt be some for victims who have made an injured at work claim. There are also independent sites though, ones that are there purely for clients of any business to either recommend or criticise the service they have received.

The experienced ones

Law firms that have been around a few years and are still thriving have to be the ones to look for. When a company specialises in a particular vein, if they are not good at it and do not provide a high quality service, they would not have survived so long.

They will have the experience from having helped so many past claimants get their compensation, whether it was for a work injury claim or any other type of injury claim. They will understand the injuries that you can sustain in work accidents, from the minor ones through to the life changing injuries like brain damage, and even fatalities.

The competent ones

What’s good is when they have so much confidence in their own abilities and competence that they are prepared to take the financial risk of your claim and not ask you to pay a penny up front. They will try to get a quick solution to all the claims they handle, but no matter how long it takes, they will not ask you for any stage payments and if the final outcome is not in your favour they still will not ask you for any money.

This is actually one of the best systems around for making a claim. It is known as no win, no fee and without it there would be many victims who would not be able to finance a personal injury claim for an accident at work. In fact, last year 98% of all personal injury claims were financed this way.

The friendly helpline

Although all business matters should be dealt with in a professional manner, it is also good to have a friendly and helpful voice at the other end of the phone when you are making a personal injury claim for the first time, and most people only ever need to do it once thankfully. Knowing you can call someone any time of day or night if you are concerned about your claim can take an awful lot of stress off your shoulders.


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