What Is The Difference Between Adi Insurance And Pdi Insurance? How Can I Get A Good Deal On The One That’s Right For Me?


If you’re working as a driving instructor then it’s absolutely vital that you have the right type of insurance. It is of course obligatory for any road-going vehicle to have insurance, but driving instructor insurance isn’t just important from a legal perspective – it is also essential for protecting yourself, your clients, your business and your livelihood. There are two main types of driving instructor insurance, and you’ll need either one or the other.

PDI insurance

PDI stands for ‘potential driving instructor’. You’ll fall under this category if you’re working on the road as a driving instructor, but are yet to fully complete your training. Potential driving instructors have generally had at least 40 hours training and have passed their ADI part 1 and part 2 tests, but are yet to take their final part 3 test to become an ‘approved driving instructor’. PDIs can be paid for their tuition services, but the licence to do so only lasts six months before it needs to be renewed.

Because potential driving instructors are less experienced than their fully qualified counterparts, insurance premiums can be slightly higher due to the different risks presented. It’s also worth bearing in mind that not all insurance companies will provide PDI insurance. On the other hand, some companies specialise in providing insurance for trainee driving instructors and may be able to offer a better deal than those that are more orientated to insuring fully qualified instructors.

ADI insurance

As you may already know, ADI stands for ‘approved driving instructor’. An approved driving instructor is one who has completed all three parts of the ADI test process and has signed up to the government’s ADI register. As an approved driving instructor you will generally have more experience, and have earned the right to display a green sticker on your vehicle.

Once you’ve passed your part 3 you’ll also be seen as less of a risk by insurance companies, and this should generally be reflected by lower premiums. It’s still worth shopping around for a good deal though, as some will be able to offer you a far more competitive price for your ADI insurance.

Things to consider when purchasing your driving instructor insurance

Whether you require PDI insurance or ADI insurance you’ll encounter many of the same questions and challenges when choosing the right policy. It is also worth emphasising that a standard private car insurance policy will never be sufficient to cover you in your role as a professional driving instructor, particularly if you are operating a dual control vehicle, which may in turn require specialist insurance cover.

When choosing cover you should of course shop around, as you’ll see lots of different prices quoted on the market. You shouldn’t focus solely on the price though, as there are a range of other details which will determine the value the cover provides, and its suitability for you, such as whether personal accident cover is included, and whether you get use of a replacement dual control car should yours be involved in an accident.

About the author – A dedicated petrol-head and with a background in insurance sales, Paul S. Sutton blogs about car insurance on a variety of websites, including Master Cover.

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