Track Modern Spending Trends

Consumer spending is a central point of interest to most businesses that rely on purchases from these consumers. Whether you are in the housing market, are considering opening a restaurant or want a better understanding of the modern healthcare system, it is to your advantage to get an inside look at what consumers are currently spending money on. With a well-crafted infographic, this information will be readily digestible so that you can stay informed and inform others at your next big business presentation at work.

Current Trends

To really understand what consumers are currently spending their money on, you should study an infographic by Swift Money. It condenses years of carefully collected data on the top ten sources of household final consumption expenditure in the UK into one easy-to-digest graphic. For example, when you study the graphic, you will notice interesting trends such as a recent and sharp decrease in spending on tourism that may have serious implications for you or your business if you rely on tourism for your income. You can even see how the global recession affected spending in a number of areas to determine what markets are most at risk of fluctuation.

What the Future Holds

When you see these easy to understand summaries of major spending trends, it will become clear to you how consumers are currently spending their money. Armed with this information, you can begin to predict future spending trends. For example, spending on restaurants and hotels has been increasing steadily since 2009, so this could be just the time for you to open that restaurant you have always dreamed of running. Whether you want to use these infographics to inform yourself or your colleagues, they make it easy to understand your place in the current national and global marketplace.

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