Making Trusted Choice For Roofing Insurance

Get affordable and the best roofing liability insurance, making a trusted choice from numbers of insurance contractors offering great coverage. Searching the internet, you will find roofing insurance service providers and studying their offers and profiles, you can compare while opting for the best insurance policy to protect your business.


It is important that you safeguard your business and yourself from any claims of third parties due to damages or personal injury. You get a wide coverage when opting for a roofing insurance policy that include:

  •        Residential Roofing
  •        Existing and New Construction
  •        Commercial Roofing
  •        Uninsured Sub Endorsement
  •        Open type Roof Coverage

The benefits of having roofing insurance

Not only do you get your business protected from claims, but also acquire the status of getting a license for your business activities and bid for jobs. You are also eligible to carry out rooftop construction operations, and also to avoid business losses, which at times may become so heavy that you may have to close your business.

Affordable solutions in roofing insurance that is customized

You will find roofing insurance service providers offering customized and affordable solutions to your roofing insurance needs, and will guide you to take out a policy that cou

ld best suit your coverages. You will have mental peace knowing that your business is covered by roofing liability insurance. You will get:

  •        Competitive quotes within  minutes
  •        Policy with 20% Down only
  •        Your certificate within an hour or even Less
  •        High quality of coverage you can rely upon
  •        Savings of minimum 15% and more when compared with other insurers

Types of roofing insurance policies

There are various types of roofing insurance policies like:

  •        BOP or Business owners policy
  •        Professional liability
  •        General liability
  •        Workers’ compensation

Coverage liabilities

There are primarily five categories of business liabilities for a roofing contractor that include

  • Bodily Injury- Physical injury to a worker at your business place, or any injury caused to an employee at any client’s site.
  • Products Liability/completed operations- Losses incurred after completing work for a client your business
  • Personal Injury- Damage to the reputation of business due to libel or slander.
  • The independent liability of contractors- Damages resulting from the acts of contractors hired by you
  • Medical expenses- Medical expenses paid to an injured worker at site premises

Damages Covered against Your Insurance Policy  for general liability will be payable on three types of damages:

Compensatory Damages

Financial losses incurred by the claimant, and additional losses in terms of money arising from the claim.

General Damages

Against intangible losses

Punitive Damages

Penalties imposed on your business for committing a wrongful act.

Other coverages

Other coverages that a roofer can take include equipment and tools floater, insurance of commercial vehicles, insurance for inland marine and bonds on work performance.

Guidance from a knowledgeable roofing insurance service provider is essential to take a roofing liability insurance. So, it is important to find out an insurance provider for roofers who will guide properly for helping to protect business as well as working staff. You can find them when searching online.

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