Living the Last Year of Life in Ease

When you reach retirement years of 65 and over suffering a chronic incurable illness, there really is light at the end of your tunnel. It is 2013 and no longer need for you to run out of funds while still living under treatment. You can have funds you need now for further treatment.

Golden Years Hard as Brass

I was a 69 year old COPD patient with a heart situation as well. I had surgery for an aorta transplant due to pending anheurism , incurred five arterial blockages with stent application, then emergency open heart surgery. I was advised I needed a combination heart-lung transplant. My husband and I own our home mortgage free, and considered taking out an equity loan. However, I didn’t want my husband bearing a heavy mortgage when I die, and he felt the same way should he die before me.

Selling My Insurance?

Our son-in-law sells farm insurance so was knowledgeable about life settlement options to receive funds needed by cashing in my life policies or even selling my insurance to a third party. It would enable us to have the money now, while I still have a chance to live a few more precious years, instead of my husband collecting it after my demise.

Listing of Policy Assets

Our son-in-law helped us inventory all my insurance policies, including a sizeable annuity. He determined their cash-in values and advised we could receive a better offer from a viatical settlement company. A settlement company acts as a broker. After we applied and medical interview (usually by phone), the broker would search for the highest bidder. The broker would submit the offer to us and we could accept or refuse it.

New Experience in Late Life

Without a doubt this was the strangest business transaction we two Ohio small towners had ever completed. However, we had experienced other culture shocks living in 2013, and my upcoming surgery was rather unique, itself. We were not expecting a large miracle, just a small compact size. My remaining years after heart-lung transplant were not a promise, rather a trial. So we acquired the surgery costs from a settlement broker.


The act of selling my life insurance was the best thing we could have done or have ever done. The funds are ours, and the surgery is next week. My daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first baby and I am planning on being there for birth and christening.

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